Another Korean to study in BIPA UMP

21 December 2016 by News and Events 638 Views


University of Muhammadiyah Purwokerto with the vision of World Class University has its own program designed to provide language course for non-native speaker of Indonesian language. It is BIPA program initiated by International  Affairs Office of UMP that provides the language course. BIPA program of UMP gladly welcome to accept many foreigners willing to study Bahasa Indonesia as well as Indonesian culture.




In this September, BIPA UMP has another new student to study Bahasa Indonesia in the university. Hyu Jin, a citizen of South Korea living in Purwokerto, is the one recently registering to the BIPA program. She is a Korean housewife just living in Purwokerto for 3 months. She knows nothing about Indonesian language and culture. Her intention to study Bahasa Indonesia comes up after realizing that she needs the language to communicate and keep in touch with Indonesians. Her friend, Wang Dong Mei who was once the student of BIPA program, suggests her to study in BIPA program of UMP.  Mei improves her ability of spoken and written Bahasa Indonesia after learning the language with BIPA tutors in UMP. Thus, Hyu Jin is conviced to take part in the BIPA program to learn Bahasa Indonesia. “I wonder how Mei is able to speak Indonesian language well in a very short time. She said BIPA tutors in UMP play an important role to facilitate and help her learn Bahasa Indonesia, and that’s the reason why I am really interested in joining it too. I finally decided to register myself here,” said Hyu Jin. Shewill take a six-month program of Bahasa Indonesia in UMP for the basic level. In addition, BIPA program provides three levels of the language course, starting from beginner, intermediate, to advanced level.

BIPA at University of Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) has been running the Language program for non-native speaker of Indonesian for several years with various students coming from many countries. There are some students currently studying Bahasa Indonesia with BIPA tutors in UMP. They are Cho Seung Hee (Korea), Galia Todorova Gabrovska (Bulgaria), and some international students from Thailand.  Some students of BIPA UMP have finished their learning of Bahasa Indonesia. They are Kim Eun Hye, Kang Eui Ja, Bae Soo Jong (South Korea), and Wang Dong Mei (People’s Republic of China). After finishing the six-month  program of each level, the students’ competence of Bahasa Indonesia has improved. (Novan)


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