'Bule' Cooking Nasi Goreng at International Harmony Day

26 April 2018 by News and Events 304 Views

In the series of events to commemorate the birthday of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP), International students from Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Sudan, Korea, Thailand, and Afghanistan came to UMP to attend International Harmony Day (IHS) held on 19th April 2018. The IHD organized by International Affairs Office (IAO) UMP was an annual program with aim to promote the culture of Indonesia and particularly of Purwokerto, to strengthen International atmosphere at the Campus and to introduce culture from various countries around the word to UMP students.


Officially opened by Jebul Suroso, Vice Rector for Development and Partnership, the IHD 2018 was attended by Lisa Vermeulen, Alie Hofman, Floor Bodewes, and Anne Marrit from Netherlands, Zayed from Afghanistan, Zaineb Tassa from Italy, Hassan, Khalid, Mohammed, and Ibrahim from Sudan, Park Chongnam from South Korea, Nadia E-Tae & Wildan Ruesa from Thailand, and Ionut Cristian Cazacu from Romania.


The participants took part in various activities such as games, quiz on Indonesian insight, cooking competition, and food Expo. There was also acoustic music performance by UMP students. Some participants sang together with UMP students to make the event more cheerful. UMP students attending the food Expo were also excited to buy the food sold from each participating country. The Indonesian food the participants had to cook was Nasi Goreng. Definitely, the taste of the Nasi Goreng cooked by each participant differed one another depending from which countries they are from. 

Zaineb Tassa, one of participants, looked very excited and enjoyed the activities in the IHD. "It is really Fun. I hope this kind of event needs to be done more often," said the Italian.

"This IHD plays important role for the internationalization of UMP. The participating students will know what our university looks like and it is expected that they spread the good information to their friends in order to attract them to study here", said Jebul.

The IHD was closed by the annoncement of the Winner of competitions and quizes. In addition, the money collected from selling the food was then donated to the people in need in Purwokerto. (nov-kui)

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